• Your business presentations in one place

    Improve your sales effectiveness with access to the right presentations at the right time

  • Value with educative presentations for museums

    Easy deployment: no programming, secure distribution, scalable pricing

  • Stats & metrics to improve performance

    Get insights and learn which content is used and shared

  • iPad business presentations for sales

    Productivity, professionalism and information on-demand

  • Centralized distribution from Yooba Publishing platform

    Manage your brand and content from one central source of truth

Build, manage and deploy iPad presentations for your sales, marketing and information needs

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Optimized trade shows and sales presentations

Businesses get more opportunities to optimize sales processes with quick access to information directly on the iPad by using Yooba presentations. Make your marketing content more accessible and your sales presentations more engaging and relevant.

With Yooba you create your branded and customized presentations
– with low cost development and rapid deployment.


With an iPad and The Yooba Kiosk app, businesses get outstanding opportunities to visualize their products and services at trade shows and exhibitions. Making the content and communications more accessible, engaging and modern. And with built-in forms, your data capture is guaranteed to grow.

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Equip field personnel with relevant and current presentations of your products and services. Centralized management pushes new content to iPads and ensures that all information is up to date. And with statistics and user reports for follow-up, businesses get tools for optimizing sales processes and measurable ROI.

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iPad Solutions designed for business value

With Yooba, management of presentations has never been easier. There is no installation or servers required. All tools provided by the Yooba platform are directly accessible from any web browser.
So your company can get started creating presentations immediately.

Create presentations online

Web based management

Distribute presentations

Download and schedule to Yooba iPad Kiosk

Centralized management

Connect and control multiple iPads

Features and functionality for iPad kiosks

  • Real iOS app (native)
  • Store and share documents
  • Centralised management and control
  • Create forms for data capture
  • Full creative freedom
  • Content stored locally

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The Yooba Business Presentation App enables businesses to show presentations anytime, anywhere, on- or offline. All sales collateral, such as fully interactive presentations or individual sales documents are easily accessible on the go. Share your business information with one to one marketing or simply by inviting them to view your Yooba presentation from a link.

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With the Yooba platform you handle the complete process from content production to distribution and updates for presentations. As the abilities to create and update the number of presentations is endless; the Yooba back end is where you manage, watch over and schedule your presentations.

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