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engaging and educational experience

Now anyone can create customized iPad
apps to enhance the visitor experience!

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Yooba Studio is a user friendly and well developed platform. Its capabilities provide us new ways to reach our visitors and provide them current information on our exhibitions. - Hannah Nyberg Sundqvist, Designer and Editor, Universeum

Improve your exhibitions with Yooba

Create your
iPad apps online

In Yooba Studio you can easily create an unlimited number of customized iPad apps for educational and engaging content for exhibitions.

Manage all content centrally

With Yooba you control all your content centrally and can ensure that your exhibitions always have relevant and up-to-date information.

Get detailed
reports & metrics

Use Yooba to follow up on your content activities; learn which materials is used, and evaluate for future developments and exhibitions.

audio and video

Complement information with audio tours and video; let the user access it straight from the app.

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How it works

Create apps in Yooba Studio

Simply use existing materials such as PDF's, videos, other information and then customize your app's appearance with user friendly tools. Think PowerPoint.

Publish content to iPads

These apps are published outside Apple's App Store. All management and scheduling is done straight from Yooba for easy and fast deployment.

Update apps and iPads

Last-minute-updates are inevitable; with Yooba
they are a breeze - save your updates and they are pushed to iPads. Re-use and duplicate apps for future use too.

Create forms and polls

With Yooba you get all tools for managing apps, furthermore you can create forms for surveys and such. It's all built in and available without any technical expertise.

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Best of all - Yooba is easy on your budget!

Starting from $18/month/iPad *

Our scalable model lets you pay for what you use. Add more iPads when needed - it's that easy.

Yooba is sold on a subscription basis. This means that you pay a single yearly fee per iPad you publish to, without having to worry about additional costs for installation, server hardware or on-going support. * Applies to 5 iPad license

14 days free trial!